Kenneth Zais Leads Boston Court Reporters at O’Brien and Levine

Kenneth Zais Leads Boston Court Reporters at O’Brien and Levine
Kenneth Zais has been at the helm of O’Brien and Levine for 25 years.

For a quarter century, Kenneth Zais has been the guiding hand

behind the team of Boston court reporters at O’Brien and Levine Court Reporters.

As new technology

has been introduced into the court reporting field, O’Brien and Levine has been

a leader,

constantly finding new

and innovative ways

to bring this technology into law firms.

Kenneth Zais

has been able to stay ahead of new trends because of his participation in many professional organizations including

the National Network of Reporting Companies, the Society for the Technological

Advancement of Reporting, the National Court Reporters Association, and the Massachusetts Court Reporting Association.

His knowledge and experience have made him a trusted

voice inside

the industry, and he has written for many publications about developments in the

field of court reporting and its role in the legal profession.

O’Brien and Levine is

a leader among Boston court

reporting firms in part because of the experienced, committed professional behind this organization. Kenneth Zais is helping lawyers serve their clients with new approaches and innovative technology

that is getting results.

Locate Top Boston Court Reporters

obrien-and-levine-court-reportingWhen lawyers need the services to

manage information, increase efficiency, and

reach jurors

in new and innovative ways, they turn

to Boston court reporters at O’Brien and

Levine Court Reporting Services. Contact them today:

195 State Street



Phone: (617)

Toll Free: (888) 825-3376
Fax: (617) 399-0114

O’Brien and Levine Lead Boston Court Reporters

O'Brien and Levine has been a leading court reporting firm in Boston for more than a quarter century.
O’Brien and Levine has been a leading court reporting firm in Boston for more than a

quarter century.

O’Brien and Levine Court Reporting Services has emerged as a leader in the Boston area for attorneys seeking the most experienced professionals with the latest technology.

Boston court reporters at O’Brien and Levine have worked to

reposition themselves in a quickly evolving legal field. Years ago, they were counted on to be the reliable custodians of the court record, providing

accurate and timely transcripts to lawyers throughout the area. Now, they are also the source for the innovative technology that has changed how lawyers work every day.

As connectivity has opened new doors in many professions, it has allowed lawyers to work in new ways. Information can be handed in new ways, and jurors can be reached with

arguments in presentations in new media formats that keep them engaged in your arguments.

With the emergence of this new technology, the demand has grown for Boston court reporting agencies

like O’Brien and Levine that can provide the support attorneys need in integrating this new technology into their work. Experienced court reporting professionals can play a pivotal role in helping to craft solutions for the challenges of modern legal work, including the use

of videoconferencing, online repositories, realtime reporting, indexing, and other tools to help lawyers work more efficiently and effectively.

With new technology comes new opportunities to enhance efficiency. These court reporting professionals

are the

source for the new tools

that help

lawyers better utilize their time and talents in

order to serve their clients better.

What Court Reporters do Outside of Courtroom Situations

What Court Reporters do Outside of Courtroom Situations
There are several applications for court reporting outside the courtroom.

Boston court reporters have been an important fixture in court rooms for hundreds of years. Recording every word said by the lawyers, witnesses, and the judge during a trial is a crucial aspect of the justice system. It allows people to relive court proceedings and draw on past

court cases for precedent and legal knowledge. However, court reporting companies provide so much more than this service, they also provide videography and conferencing solutions to businesses and individuals.

From Realtime Reporting to Video Conferencing

Transitioning from court reporting

with a steno machine to overseeing video depositions and managing video conferencing was a decisive change for court reporting companies. It opened up new possibilities and also increased the amount of materials permissible in court. A video deposition is only allowed in the court room if it has been overseen by a certified court reporter. Video is a much more desirable form of media compared to written text because it can convey nuance and meaning to a jury that a written deposition cannot. Real time reporting has also proven to be a highly effective tool in law practices around the country.

Since court reporters have become


with managing recording equipment and editing videos, it was a natural move to also offer video conferencing services. This allows their clients to focus on hosting a productive

conference or meeting without

having to worry about whether or not the camera is working, or if the

connection is secure. If you

need to request one or all of these services, check out local court reporting agencies.

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  • General review of a company

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Despite the fact that the pro-essay-writer detailed review using writing solutions are really simple, it doesn’t mean the complete procedure is always issue-free. For any difficulty, there is a team of friendly client assistance experts which can be there for students.

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